Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Limp Coat Analogy --- Don't Be the Limp Coat!

                         Wayne Barber's Limp Coat Analogy

     Wayne Barber, a renowned pastor famous for his book, Living Grace, once made an analogy about a limp coat and compared it to a sleeping Christian. Envision a coat hanging limp on a hook.
This is the way a sleeping Christian looks - one who believes in God, but is not living for Him. A sleeping Christian is not surrendering himself everyday, every minute, every second, to Christ.  He is a body with no life inside. When someone takes that coat and puts it on his back, then there is life inside. That's what the Holy Spirit can do with you --- when you yield everything you are to God, you are no longer lifeless. You have something real inside of you! But it is not until you allow that living thing to rule every part of your being that the coat is no longer limp.
There is such joy that comes out of surrendering to Christ. Nothing feels better. It is as if nothing else matters - but what God wants for you. Surrender is truly freeing.
     Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15:31, "I die everyday." When he says this, he means that he dies to himself everyday and puts God's will before his wants. He disregards his own feelings and seeks God's face every single day. Grab your Bible or read this passage here:

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